Progress & Equipment

I think I am the only one familiar with this blog's content. So, I guess I'm just writing to journal my musical progress. I AM making progress. I believe I am playing better jazz than I ever have in the past. I am better at analyzing chord progressions. I am steadily adding new tunes to … Continue reading Progress & Equipment

Take The “A” Train I haven't even practiced today, or yesterday for that matter. I have been in some extra pain. My upper back seems to be broken. At least that's what it feels like. This is a recording from a couple of months ago as I was learning, Take The "A" Train. It is a song from … Continue reading Take The “A” Train

Allora Pairs Series Alto The Allora Paris Series Alto Saxophone Allora Paris Series Alto Saxophone This is the sound of the Allora Paris Series alto saxophone. I find it to be a satisfactory instrument, though sometimes, I do feel like there is some resistance. There are times when I find it a little difficult to play in tune … Continue reading Allora Pairs Series Alto