Allora Pairs Series Alto

The Allora Paris Series Alto Saxophone

Allora Paris Series Alto Saxophone

This is the sound of the Allora Paris Series alto saxophone. I find it to be a satisfactory instrument, though sometimes, I do feel like there is some resistance. There are times when I find it a little difficult to play in tune in the upper register.

The horn has a great sound. It does not feel cheap. This particular sax has a dark antique brass finish. The appearance is stunning really. The sax is not a lightweight horn. It is made of heavier metal.

The key action is very quick and smooth. My only complaint is that the palm keys could be extended more. I often miss when I attempt to play notes involving these keys.

Other than these few issues, this is a very good horn. I only paid $1300.00, and it was well worth the money. At some point, I do plan on buying another alto sax of even higher quality, which will cost me much more money. However, for now, this horn is quite capable of doing the job. This saxophone can definitely be used as a professional instrument in professional job situations.


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