A Near Miss With SYOS

So, I had to put my saxophone in the shop. It has at least two leaks that I could detect. When they leak air, it makes it very hard to play. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I pulled out my other saxophone to see if it would be easier to play. It was so much easier! My primary sax is now in for repair. Luckily I have the other horn, which will serve as my backup. Hopefully, the repair will be pretty inexpensive. The sax is in good shape, and it is relatively new.

Because my saxophone was leaking, it was tough to control, and I couldn’t hit specific notes or lower notes. Anything below the leak area will be hard to play. Because I had not discovered the leak, I assumed the problem was with my setup (mouthpiece & reeds). And because I was trying new mouthpieces from SYOS, I thought the mouthpieces might not be as good as everyone said there were.

I was wrong. Before I stored my backup horn, I had it overhauled. A saxophone in good playing order gave me a new experience with SYOS mouthpieces. The mouthpieces are everything many great players have said they are; easy blowing, great sound, good projection, and lots of power. I was nearly ready to write a “not so good” review on the mouthpieces.

In actuality, the mouthpieces made me feel more confident while playing. I’d become conditioned to make extra effort for specific notes because of the condition of my primary horn. I may get a different experience from my other mouthpieces as well. However, the SYOS mouthpieces enabled me to create a sound I love with little effort. The lower notes of the horn came out with ease, and the tone was rich and phat! It is a sound I have never achieved before. SYOS also helped me to achieve something else I have had trouble with on the tenor saxophone, the altissimo register.
Every sax player wants to hit some high notes when appropriate, whether playing RnB, rock, or jazz. SYOS makes it a little easier to do so.

So, I love my SYOS mouthpieces. I have three of them, ranging from bright and powerful to dark and subdued. All three are easy to play, and it is the best money on mouthpieces I’ve spent, and they cost less than most high-end mouthpieces. So stand by for some videos.


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