The Pure Sound of Guardala mouthpeices

Lately, I have been kind of consistent with my practice. So much so, my embouchure pretty damned stable. Now I need to work on consistency in my playing, so I don’t make so many mistakes.

Last night pulled out my favorite tenor sax mouthpiece (at least the one that will produce the tenor sound I really love), the Guardala Brecker II mouthpiece. Michael worked with David Guardala to create a mouthpiece and a signature sound that would serve as his go mouthpiece. Michael made the sound famous and made Dave Guardala one of the most sought-after mouthpiece makers in the world.

In the ’90s, when I finally started listening to Brecker, I was most impressed with his sound. In my opinion, it was the purest tenor sound I’d ever heard come out of a tenor sax. I wanted that sound. Of course, I never quite achieved that particular sound, but the Guardala mouthpiece gave me the best sound I’d ever produce on tenor.

Tell me what you think of my sound produced with the Guardala mouthpiece.


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