A Mouthpiece Comparison

I am forever trying new mouthpieces, reeds, saxophone necks, sax harnesses, etc. Am I really in need of these items? Not really. For the most part, I am satisfied with 99% of the equipment I have for my tenor sax. It boils down to this; I like trying out new stuff! So, here I am … Continue reading A Mouthpiece Comparison

My Drake Mouthpiece

https://videopress.com/v/o0ZPWm2s?resizeToParent=true&cover=true&preloadContent=metadata&useAverageColor=true I have had the Drake NY Jazz mouthpiece for nearly two years. It has only been a few times I've been able to produce a good sound. Lately, maybe because a stronger embouchure, I have been getting better results. Other factors include reed choice. Usually, I play on Vandoren Javas 2-1/2, red box. With … Continue reading My Drake Mouthpiece

Camille Thurman & The Charleston Jazz Orchestra

So, this past December, I decided I wanted to see a jazz concert. I searched Google for Jazz concerts in the Charleston, SC area, and Camille Thurman with the Charleston Jazz Orchestra came up for a Saturday evening concert on February 26, 2022. I had never heard of her, and now, I will never forget … Continue reading Camille Thurman & The Charleston Jazz Orchestra

The Pure Sound of Guardala mouthpeices

https://youtu.be/3xpI_EPEEcA Lately, I have been kind of consistent with my practice. So much so, my embouchure pretty damned stable. Now I need to work on consistency in my playing, so I don't make so many mistakes. Last night pulled out my favorite tenor sax mouthpiece (at least the one that will produce the tenor sound … Continue reading The Pure Sound of Guardala mouthpeices