Malawi Bay

Soo.. Went to rehearsal yesterday with the band I was telling you about in previous posts. There was a different drummer. A better drummer. What a difference! We got a lot of work done in a short amount of time. May be ready to gig much quicker than I was anticipating. And I was having a really good time yesterday.

I also finally remembered the name of the band, which is, Malawi Bay. Malawi is an island off the southeast coast of Africa. I have been to many places on the east coast of Africa with the Navy, but never Malawi. I’m guessing it is, of course, a tourist destination. Most islands are. It looks very tropical in the picture.

I don’t know yet why the name Malawi Bay was chosen. But if things continue to go well Malawi Bay will become a name that is known around this area. We should have no problems getting gigs.


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