Tower Of Power


Another band I was introduced to by my high school band director was Tower Of Power. They are a band that features a full, very tight, badass horn section! And at that time the band had as their saxophone player, Lenny Pickett.

It was the first time I’d ever heard a saxophone player successfully play the altissimo register of the horn. And the first time I found out that there was such a thing was my freshman year in high school when Thomas Lipscomb, a senior, did it on a song we played on the football field. The song ended with a saxophone cadenza ending on a high G, a note I didn’t know existed on the saxophone.

Have a listen. I think you will like this. “It All Comes Back,” A song by Tower Of Power, with Lenny Pickett, 1993.

The altissimo register of the saxophone are the notes which are played by using special fingerings, focusing air stream, and knowing what the hell you are doing. The notes come from the overtones of the horn. They are the super high notes you hear coming from the saxophone when experts like Brecker, Pickett, King and many others play it.


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