Learning Autumn Leaves & Final Cut Pro

This is my first attempt at this song (recording-wise). It did not go so well. Once I iron out the kinks, maybe I will record it again. This recording is posted on YouTube. This song is posted there twice. Neither is very good.

This attempt was actually focused on learning to use Logic Pro & Final Cut Pro. There were some obstacles to overcome. Neither of these programs is as easy to use as Garage Band and iMovie (which is what I was using before). There were some other difficulties having to do with my computer. I need something much more powerful. Maybe in a few months, I will be getting a new computer.

When I first imported the video into Final Cut Pro, the exposure was way too high. Way too bright. The photo to the right was the best I could make it appear. To my eyes, it’s kinda cool looking, but I don’t think it is the right look for a video.

Then I learned that Final Cut Pro had to be set for some new technology most of the new cameras are equipped with. Once I got it straightened out, my video appeared just as dull and boring as ever. I think I do need to maybe invest in some photography lighting.

As far as the music recording in the video, I need to develop a better ear for producing a good recording. That will come with time. Logic works a lot like Garage Band with many advanced features. I like it a lot.

I don’t play this song very well, but I haven’t played it very much. I’m not sure I like the sound I’m producing from the saxophone. I haven’t decided which mouthpiece to settle with. I’m looking for the right amount of edge and smoothness. I haven’t found it yet.

I can’t wait to record it again (a better performance). Hopefully, it will be very soon. It will be posted here and on YouTube. Hope you will let me know in the comments what differences you hear.


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