In A Sentimental Mood

During the first couple of months of the COVID-19 pandemic, I found the energy to play my sax a few days. Also, about a year ago I had bought a new Yamaha tenor. So, I thought I’d record myself playing a song I thought I knew. Here is, “In A Sentimental Mood,” by Duke Ellington. I will be playing on the Drake NY Jazz mouthpiece. The Yamaha Tenor and the Drake seem to be a great combination.

A few posts ago, I said I did not like the Drake Jazz mouthpiece for tenor sax. Now that I’ve had it a little longer, I have come like it a lot. The mouthpiece has a really smooth sound and is pretty easy to blow. I still have to work a little to find the right reed. It’s not too hard when my embouchure is strong.


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