The Thrill Is Gone

Navy Band

The Thrill Is Gone is a famous song by the late B.B. King. It was probably his biggest hit. It has been done and redone by several artists. And it was also done by the Navy Band with me singing lead. It was about the only thing I could sing well at the time. I was not a vocalist by any stretch of the word. But we all had to pitch in if there wasn’t a real vocalist in the band.

By the time I left the Navy, I wished I had never heard the song. In many ways, my life reflected the song. However, I never thought the thrill of playing music would ever be gone. But when I left the Navy, as far as music was concerned, the thrill was gone.

After 20 years of playing music, and sometimes when I didn’t want to, I had no desire to play anymore. That’s why nearly 10 years past without music. I did play at the church I was attending for a little while, maybe 9 months or so. Then there was a trio I was playing with called,” On The Side,” You know, cuz we all had jobs and music was done on the side. It was me, my friends, Craig and Rick. They were both guitar players. We used background tracks to fill out the music. But after our second gig, I had a sudden realization. I didn’t want to play music anymore.

On The Side – Mustang Sally

I had truly had enough of party band music, parties, and drunks spewing their opinions and demanding songs. I just couldn’t do it anymore. And now I’m considering going after a cruise ship gig? I don’t know what is going to happen when I find myself in that situation again. I just don’t want music to become a chore again. If it does I will leave the cruise ship life and pursue musical satisfaction elsewhere. I do music for me now. And others. Except for this time, I will play the kind of music I want, when I want.

Music is a great gift. And it was given to me. And I don’t have to play if I don’t want to. And “The Thrill Is Gone” will never be the theme of my life anymore where music is concerned. I don’t have to allow life to poison music for me. I am free.


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