Ravi Coltrane

It seems like there are billions of saxophone players in the world. Some are like me, just a novice. And then there are those saxophone players that are just brilliant. I just ran across another extraordinary saxophone player. You may know his father, John. I’m sorry I am late in this discovery. Most of you probably know about this modern-day legend already. His name is Ravi Coltrane. He is the son of the legendary saxophonist, John Coltrane. Frankly, I don’t think John played on Ravi’s level. Ravi’s music sounds like it came from another dimension. I find it breathtaking. Granted, John played like he was from another dimension during his lifetime.

I don’t know much about Ravi Coltrane, except that he is an unbelievable player. You may judge for yourself below, or check out a video, here. He has one of the purest tenor sax sounds I’ve ever heard. The way he composes and plays is incredible, and it is complex, open, and just scary accurate. Check him out.

Ravi Coltrane Quartet (Luis Perdomo, Drew Gress, EJ Strickland): Live at 19. Internationale Jazzfestival Viersen, 2005, Germany

Song: Between Lines


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