All The Things You Are

I am still enjoying myself for the most part. I say that because I am still having some back pain which sometimes makes it difficult to handle the weight of the saxophone. Anyway, this is another tune I’m relearning. It is called All The Things You Are, written by Jerome Kern. It originally appeared in a musical called, Very Warm For May. It’s another jazz standard and a great song.

The more I play it the better it should sound. I understand the chord progression so I just need to become even more familiar with it.

There are both alto and tenor saxophones being played in this recording. I have chosen to try and progress on both instruments at the same time for now. I like playing both instruments equally I think. So I will work at both rather than one. When I joined the Navy I had never played tenor sax on a consistent basis. I took me about six months to get used to it; even longer to develop my own sound.

On the alto sax, I’m using the V16 S A9 mouthpiece from Vandoren, and on the tenor, I am playing on the V16 T9. If you’ve been keeping up with my posts you know I have been having trouble deciding on the mouthpiece to use on tenor. Right now the V16 is my go-to mouthpiece. It is the one I consistently get a decent sound from. More and more though, I am sounding better and better on both my metal mouthpiece (Guardala) and the new Jumbo Java (Vandoren) mouthpiece.

I hope you enjoy the song. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


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