Sonny Rollins

Sonny Rollins – The Bridge

The Bridge, 1962, was the first release of jazz giant Sonny Rollins following his unexpected early retirement in 1959 and his first recording for Bluebird/RCA Victor. The saxophonist was joined by the musicians with whom he would record for the next segment of his career: Jim Hall on guitar, Bob Cranshaw on bass and Ben Riley on drums.

Rollins is now 86 years old according to Wikipedia. His career has lasted 70 years and he has recorded 60 albums. He is one of the most influential jazz musicians ever.

If he ever comes your way to perform, you should be there. I know I will be if he comes my way. I have only recently started listening to more of his music. I have seen video of the man in his 80’s still schooling younger players in the art of Jazz.

Take a listen to the album up top, and enjoy.


“Without a Song” (Edward Eliscu, Billy Rose, Vincent Youmans)
“Where Are You?” (Harold Adamson, Jimmy McHugh)
“John S.” (Sonny Rollins)
“The Bridge” (Rollins)
“God Bless the Child” (Arthur Herzog Jr., Billie Holiday)
“You Do Something to Me” (Cole Porter)


2 thoughts on “Sonny Rollins

    1. Oddly enough I have only recently discovered Rollin’s music. He is a master of the saxophone. I can’t believe I’ve missed him all these years.


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