Allora Paris Series Alto Sax

My new alto sax

I finally got it; a new Allora Paris Series Alto Sax. I liked the tenor so much I thought I would try the alto sax from Allora as well. I’m not used to it yet. So, I don’t sound that great in this video, but I will. I have always played the alto a little better than the tenor sax. And I must say, the Allora Paris Tenor I bought last summer sounds quite nice. So I am looking forward to working with the new alto. Pay no attention to how rough it sounds in this video.

I also received a new mouthpiece as well today. It is the Vandoren V16 for alto sax; the A9 with the small chamber. It sounds nice and fat and projects nicely. I look forward to getting used to this one.

So keep stopping by to check my progress. I am still getting back into shape.


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