Stella by Starlight

I have been learning Stella By Starlight. Been practicing the tune for about a week. I have the head (melody) memorized, and close to having the chord progression memorized. As far as chords though, I like to think more in terms of key transitions. That way I can divide the tune into sections and work to connect those pieces together.

For the most part, I’m frustrated and pissed off. But I have to say I am having fun learning. I have also been working on a few others; Have You Met Miss Jones, Wave, Blue Bossa and a few others. The more I play the better it gets; I think.

I’m not sure my embouchure is strengthening though. It still hurts. Maybe it is. Usually what happens first is I lose my seal on the mouthpiece, and air leaks out. That hasn’t happened lately though. It has only been painful. I’m not sure what’s happening. I can last for about 2 hours of constant playing before the pain begins.

I think overall it is getting better though. Perhaps I’ll post a recording if I think I’m really getting a handle on one of these tunes.


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