A Sound Development

So, I really need to start practicing correctly and learn some things. I sound like a complete amateur most of the time.

On the other hand, my tenor sound is really coming along by playing the horn regularly. At this point, I have multiple mouthpieces; 2 Vandoren v16 metal mouthpieces t8 and t9, the hard rubber (ebonite) v16 t9, the Java t75, the Jumbo Java t75, the Drake NY Jazz, and I have a Guardala Brecker II.

I started playing again in 2017, and only now am I getting to a point where I am getting good tone from any of these mouthpieces consistently. I have tried to do demos on each of the mouthpieces. Some of them were fairly weak. Now that my embouchure is more developed, these mouthpieces seem to play differently.

For instance, the Drake mouthpiece has been difficult for me to play and has never really sounded that great (with me playing it). I have played it for the past two days, and it has sounded great. I assume it is because my embouchure is stronger.

Guardala Brecker II

I’ve had the same difficulty with the Guardala mouthpiece. While in the Navy, I think I had a strong embouchure and chops, so the Guardala was not a problem. Taking 10 years off took all of that away. I got a new saxophone in 2017, and I was in such bad shape that I thought the Guardala mouthpiece was damaged somehow. It was not until about a year and a half later that I could finally start to use it.

Drake NY Jazz

I believe the Drake Mouthpiece is dependent on a certain type of ligature. I have several different types and brands of ligatures. So far, I have had the best luck with the ring-type ligature, which came with the mouthpiece. The Drake mouthpiece produces an incredible sound with the right combination of ligature and reed. The same is true for the Guardala mouthpiece. I’m glad I didn’t do something stupid like sell it.

I recently posted a video on Youtube demoing the Guardala. It has a very smooth sound for a metal mouthpiece. It is the reason it is one of my favorite mouthpieces. I hope to post another showing off the Drake mouthpiece. I believe I can do a better demo than I did the first couple of times with it. The last demo I posted did sound pretty good, though. I have really started to enjoy playing the Drake.


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