Camille Thurman & The Charleston Jazz Orchestra

So, this past December, I decided I wanted to see a jazz concert. I searched Google for Jazz concerts in the Charleston, SC, area, and Camille Thurman with the Charleston Jazz Orchestra came up for a Saturday evening concert on February 26, 2022. I had never heard of her, and now, I will never forget her.

I immediately started checking out anything I could find on Youtube. Then I started downloading a few things on iTunes. The recordings from iTunes have not done justice to her talent. However, her footage on Youtube is outstanding, and you should check that out.

So last night, I had the opportunity to witness the talent that is Camille Thurman with the Charleston Jazz Orchestra. She is a fantastic Saxophonist and vocalist.

Camille’s performance included some great numbers, including Easy To Love, Make Me Rainbows, I’m Gonna Live Till I Die, and many other great tunes which featured her on sax and vocals. The performance featured many soloists from the Charleston Jazz Orchestra, John Sterbank, Lauren Meccia, John Cobb, Chuck Dalton, Gerald Gregory, and Tyler Ross. I had not heard the Charleston Jazz Orchestra before, and I was impressed with what I heard.

Camille is a genuinely talented musician, and she is an exceptionally gifted jazz singer. She brought back memories of my grandmother when she performed songs by Ella Fitzgerald. Hallie Brown (my grandmother) loved Ella Fitzgerald, Mahalia Jackson, and Inez Andrews.

It was a great concert, and I enjoyed myself. I am glad I went. The Charleston Jazz Festival is coming up in a few months. April 21-24. If I have the time, I will check it out. I don’t know who will be performing as of yet. More information should be coming soon. 

If you have not heard The Charleston Jazz Orchestra, you owe it to yourself to see their next performance. They are a great band of musicians—a very tight group, and I look forward to hearing them again.


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