I was tested, but the test came back negative. I have had the Moderna vaccine several months ago. And since my test came back negative, I have to assume I have had the flu for the past 7 days or so. Whatever it was/is, it was a full-blown sickness; fever, chills, coughing, headaches, stuffiness, clogged ears, a lot of mucus, loss of appetite. Oh, and I nearly lost my voice. I also believe I have an inner ear infection if that is possible. I am experiencing dizziness after blowing my nose and a rumbling in my ears.

Before all of this happened I was planning to get a lot of practice done, and I was hoping to make a video of one of the tunes I was learning. That won’t happen for a week or so. I still have several days of recovery to accomplish.

Today was the first day I have felt like pulling out the horn to play a little. I put on a new reed and used my Vandoren V16 Hard rubber mouthpiece. It’s my go-to mouthpiece if I haven’t played in a while. It is the most forgiving. A Fine Romance is a nice easy song. I was getting a great sound. I felt comfortable with the song and playing the horn, but it didn’t last very long because I still don’t feel well. I did manage to play it through once without hacking it up too badly.

Pray for me? I feel like crap. I hope to be well soon. I hate being sick.


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