Holiday Practice Schedule

Leading up to the holidays, I have been making some slow progress in the practice room. For the next couple of days, I will have to put in some quality practice time. I will probably work on some scales and technique-building stuff.

My embouchure has been feeling pretty good. I can practice for at least a few hours or three without stopping. And with the stronger embouchure, my sound on the horn has really improved.

Strengthening the embouchure is just a matter of playing the horn on a regular basis. Although I don’t have that much spare time, I have tried to practice at least 3 times a week; even if it’s only an hour. That’s enough time to make improvements.

In addition to practicing skills, of course, I will be practicing tunes. I will always be practicing tunes, learning chord progressions, analyzing song structures, etc. I will always love jazz improvisation. It is extremely challenging and I enjoy it a great deal.

Hopefully, a tune or two will develop into something I can record on video. I always enjoy doing that. I can always look back at the videos and see my progress. And also, I hope that the videos encourage someone on their musical journey. I’m not the best saxophone player, but I am getting better, I think.


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