Sometimes Frustrated

Some days when I practice, I can’t seem to hear any improvement. Some days are worse than others. I’m often frustrated beyond belief, and anger follows. Well, mostly self-deprecation and pity.

When I record myself, I can hear all of the flaws in my technique, timing, and tone. It is so freaking frustrating. It feels like it will take forever to get better given the limited time I have.

In addition to limited time, my back and neck pain seems to be increasing. That is a definite discouragement to practicing. I have been managing to work on it a few days per week. Weekends work best for me. I usually can get several hours of work done on Saturday and Sunday.

Progress is slow working this way. Since I play simply to entertain myself these days, I guess this regimen will have to do. And I do enjoy playing. I guess I don’t really need an audience.


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