Life In The Way

So, I have not had the opportunity to practice. I have been busy with family stuff. It has not been an easy week. Next week I hope to get back to business.

I had been looking forward to practicing this week. There has been a level of excitement about it, even. I still am not playing that well, but I feel like I can achieve more consistency in what I’m trying to do. That is if I can keep going.

Also, with no luck so far, I have been looking online for any jam sessions that may be happening in my area. I think the excitement and adrenaline could help push me along. I feel the need to get out there and try.

Also lately, I have had more pain, stress, and a head cold. It is very difficult to do anything with this happening. It’s hard to find the energy, ya know?

I’m gonna try not to let this stuff stop my progress. For now though, I need this week to be finished.



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