A Chance To Play w/People Again

So, I found out about a community concert band in the Charleston area; The Charleston Concert Band. There are about 80 members and all volunteers of various levels and walks of life. I contacted them, and I got an email inviting me to come to rehearsals beginning on April 27. I am excited yet frightened. I have not played serious music (what I call it) since I left the Navy.

I am looking forward to the chance to play. Even if I don’t get to play because I’m too rusty, I’ll get to hang out and hear some musicians. I have only met a few musicians in South Carolina, and I played with a beach band a few summers ago. It didn’t require reading any music. It was just Rock-n-roll stuff, some soul, and R&B. All I needed were just a few blues licks. And I wasn’t playing any masterful licks. It was fun, though.

Also, I am even more excited that there is a jazz ensemble. I miss big bands more than anything since leaving the Navy. And yet, the thing that has me most apprehensive is having to read music again. I don’t think I have lost the ability, but I haven’t read anything in a while. I am sure I’ll be fine, Eventually.

So I’ll keep you posted. Did I say I am VERY EXCITED?!!

I may need a tux!


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