4th of July Street Dance & Fireworks

I probably should have posted this earlier in some readers could have made it out to see us play. The Hot Pepper Band, whom I’ve been playing with, played tonight a the 4th of July Street Dance & Fireworks celebration. We had some issues.

The sound company was running late getting things ready. We didn’t get a proper sound check, which led to not being able to hear on stage, which causes some issues with the music. We hit some rough patches with a few songs. However, overall I think we sounded pretty good.

There was plenty of people there tonight. I would estimate at least 2,000 people. There was one other band playing after us. I’m embarrassed to say I can’t remember their name. They were pretty good too. Their female singer had a great voice.

I met some of the band members. They are a great bunch of guys. Truman, the sax player, is much older than me. He has a great sound on the sax, and he’s a good singer; something I am not.

People danced and enjoyed the music. That’s what counts, right? I didn’t stay for the fireworks, though I’m sure they were spectacular. They were last year as well.

Our band could definitely stand to have some more practices. We just seemed unsure about what we were doing sometimes. We are a good band. We have some great players and singers. We just need more time together.

I will definitely try to post our next gig date before the day of the performance. I will be in July, the 31st I think.


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