A New Band

Well, the first rehearsal with the band I mentioned in my last post went okay. However, I would be lying if I said it was great.

It is a start-up group, and the members are not definite yet. The two vocalists are pretty solid. The bass player seems to be pretty good, but the drummer doesn’t support the band. He is young and enthusiastic but not a solid drummer yet. To wait for him to reach a higher level of playing would hold us back.

The keyboard player is outstanding. He definitely knows what he’s doing. The group still has not found a guitar player yet.

With all that being said, the group’s current members seem to get along really well with one another. Personally, I would not mind playing with this group, even with the current shortcomings.

Almost everyone in the group was 50 or older. The female vocalist and the drummer were the youngest in the group.

I had a great time just being able to play with other people. I liked everyone in the group and am looking forward to playing with them again.


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