Chris Stapleton

I just discovered Chris Stapleton. Nope. He ain’t no jazz player, but I’ll bet that he could if he wanted to. Chris is categorized as a Country Artist. I would say it was more blues than anything, and he has what it takes to deliver in any genre.

I have liked country music for a long time. Most of my friends probably don’t even know that. As far as I’m concerned it is the only real music still happening in today’s pop culture. Most of what I hear coming out these days are unfinished song ideas and samples of music from other real artists.

Country music still has creativity happening at its core. It is also one of the last genres of music where you will hear real musicians making music. Chris Stapleton is a great singer and he plays guitar. I suspect he is also a great songwriter. I’m guessing that he writes most of his material himself.

He has that quality of voice that lends itself blues, rock, country of course, and I think he could go pop if he wanted to. His voice doesn’t speak just “country.” He could go any direction. And he does just that on From A Room: Volume 1. You get some of everything on this album. Chris transcends the country genre. I would listen to him in any style of music.

I can’t post a sample here. But you should definitely check out some of his musicAlso, Chris has recently done some work with Justin Timberlake, who seems to be trying to go a different direction musically. The one collaboration that I know of is a song called, Say Something, which appears on Justin’s new album, Man Of The Woods.

So, I have a new favorite country artist. Congratulations, Chris! For the longest, it was Carrie Underwood, who is just a monster singer. She is another artist who could, and probably will at some point, crossover into the pop genre in an impacting way.

Til next time.


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