Having A Job Is Cramping My Style

That’s right! Since I got a job, I have not had the time or energy to practice. Everybody was encouraging, “be a bus driver. It’s a good idea. It’s only a few hours a day, and you can practice during the day between routes.” Ok, it was me who said all that. Except that I didn’t take into consideration what effects 4 A.M. WOULD HAVE ON ME! There is no practicing during the day. I’m too tired. And it takes a lot of energy to refrain from screaming at those little turds. I like kids, but these kids really test my patience.

I have to figure out how to get used to the hours I’m keeping. During the summer it will be different. No school. But I can’t let this job derail my progress. I have only managed to practice maybe once in the last 3 weeks. So I need to figure out how to get it done.

It took me a long time to regain the desire to play again. I don’t want to give it up. I get a lot of enjoyment from playing. I still hope to get to play with other people at some point. My church family is still waiting for me to come and play with them.

The 2nd ride home for the kids, the afternoon bus route, is the toughest. The kids are wound up on some kind of sugar high. They’re screaming, won’t stay in their damned seats. Some of them just scream at the top of their lungs for no reason. Sometimes I just want to smack them.

Anyway, I guess that’s partly why I’m so tired. Anyway, that’s where I am now. Hopefully, I can get back to what I have been doing musically soon.


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