My Hand Hurts Like Hell!

It has been nearly two weeks since my carpal tunnel surgery. Up until today, I have not had that much pain. But boy is it turned on now! My hand hurts like hell! I am hoping it will be better when the doctor removes the stitches on Wednesday. In fact, I hope that I can hold out until he does, without removing them myself.

The numbness I had been experiencing seemed to be near completely gone. However, in the last couple of days, with the added pain to my wrist, some numbness has returned.

I believe the pain is just part of the healing process. The tissue around the incision is tightening, creating scar tissue as normal, and could be putting some pressure on the nerves. I think it will be temporary. Once everything heals I believe the numbness will be gone.

I’m tired of writing about my carpal tunnel. I’m ready to get back to playing music.


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