No complaints from the doctor about removing the bandage from my hand. And no complaints from me about my hand. I haven’t had much pain at all.

They gave me some exercises to do in order to help the healing process. My hand is still a little swollen, but not terribly.

I am already able to get back on the saxophone. It is nice to be able to play and not feel pain in my fingers. It does hurt a little when I play the low C on my he tenor. But that will get better as my hand heals I think.

It would seem that it was a good decision to have the surgery done. I’m not sorry I waited so long to do it. I have had surgery that resulted in more pain than when I started. I am also glad I didn’t wait until there was irreversible damage to the nerves in my hand and fingers, which was a possibility according to the doctor.

Still, it is discouraging that I have had to have so many surgeries in the last 7 years; lower back, neck, trigger thumb, and carpal tunnel on the right hand.

When I was young I never suspected I’d have such structural issues. I truly miss my youth.

If I never get to play professionally again it is enough that I get to play at home, and occasionally at church.


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