Post Surgery Workout

The doctor told me to leave it wrapped for a week, but I couldn’t do it. Even though I covered it the best I could with a plastic bag the huge bandage the doctor had put on got wet in the shower. It was bedtime, and I was not gonna go to bed with a wet bandage. So I unwrapped it and put on fresh gauze over my stitches. Instead of wrapping it, I put on the wrist brace that I was wearing before the surgery. It actually worked better than the wrap the doctor had done.

While I had it unwrapped I had to take a picture. It feels weird when I touch it. It’s numb! But still, when I touch it, it makes me want to scratch it. I’ve had stitches before. They always make me want to scratch.

I thought I’d post a picture here. Compared to my other hand the stitched hand is huge. It’s still somewhat swollen. The great thing though is that my fingers are feeling super great. No more pain and no more numbness. I just finished 5-hour practice session with no problems. Well, no problem other than the fact that I suck. I wonder if there is surgery for that.


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