Carpal Tunnel & the Saxophone

I don’t know how it could look so normal and be so damaged. Yesterday I made the mistake of forcing myself to practice for a couple of hours. You see when I ice my wrist all the tingling and pain stop for a while. Then I’m tempted to do things that really irritate carpal tunnel. Like right now I’m typing. The longer I type the more I feel the nerves in my hand. It’s like little electrical shocks.

So, this won’t be a long post. Last night I woke up in extreme pain again. Practicing so long definitely irritated my condition. It seems like with the kind of pain I’m having there should be visible signs, but there is not. I am constantly amazed by the things happening in my aging body, and not many of those things are positive. I don’t have the best discipline or willpower so I don’t always eat right, and so I don’t feel as well as I could. When I was young I could pretty much eat anything I wanted, so I developed some really bad eating habits.

So now that I’m older my big challenge is to fight to undo all the bad habits I have developed over the years. Well, playing the sax or typing are not bad habits. However, the challenge of eating right effect lots of other areas of my life, including carpal tunnel (I think).

The majority of the foods we eat cause inflammation in our bodies. I believe that inflammation causes some of the issues with my wrist and the carpal tunnel.

Anyway, I am scheduled for surgery early next week to relieve the pain in my wrist. And hopefully, I will be able to get back to playing again soon.


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