Playing in Navada


I hate it when I suck. I have not played for a week and shows.  Anyway, at my friend’s wedding, I delivered the song she wanted without any mistakes. It was an easy one though. 20 years ago I would not have even worried about such a thing. I was very confident. These days I’m not so sure of myself.

It was a beautiful ceremony, which took place in Nevada. No, it wasn’t a casino wedding. It took place in a place called Mt. Charleston in Las Vegas.

The day was hot. I thought we would bake out there. But true to her unstoppable good fortune, a cloud cover came over the amphitheater where the ceremony was to take place and kept it cool until the end. It was quite amazing. It was still hot enough that I thought I would dehydrate.

It was probably the best wedding ceremony I have attended. Maybe because it was outside. Maybe because it was so different from any I have ever seen. It was unconventional. Yet, it was still very spiritual.

My friend’s new family is one of the warmest and kindest groups of people I have ever met. Her new husband seems to make her extremely happy. And that makes me extremely happy for her.

Now that I am home I need to get back to work, practicing. But I am having some difficulties again going to sleep at night. But I can’t let that be an excuse for not practicing. I just need to make it happen. It is amazing how not practicing for a week takes its toll though.

I did practice today but didn’t last that long. It won’t take long to build up my endurance. I will endeavor to be more consistent.

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