Jumbo Java by Vandoren

I have been playing on yet another new mouthpiece for my tenor sax. I think I like it, but not as well as the first mouthpiece I got from Vandoren. It is the Jumbo Java T55. At first, I didn’t think I liked it at all. But with the right reed on it sounds a little better. It is very edgy and I don’t particularly like so much edginess down in the lower register. I suppose if I practiced enough with it I could learn to sound okay on it.

The Jumbo Java mouthpiece is producing some ugly tones for me right now so I’m not sure about it. But I feel it is worth the time spent. I will keep working with it. After all, I paid $119 for it. The V16 will probably remain my go to hard rubber mouthpiece.

I am getting a great tenor sound out of the V16. However, I have to have the right reed for it. The Java green box doesn’t seem to work as well as the Vandoren ZZ jazz reeds. Other than finding the right reed, the V16 a great mouthpiece

So as far as being able to play in funk or fusion situations I will refer to my Guardala mouthpiece. I have had it for over 20 years. However, when I first got my new tenor I was not able to use the Guardala. It takes a well-developed embouchure. As I get stronger the Guardala is sounding better and better. I had said I might sell it but, I will hold off on that.

The Jumbo Java mouthpieces are offered in these specifications:


SizeCodeTip Opening
1/100 mm

Facing Length

  A55 SM503B 247 LONG
  A75 SM504B 260 LONG
 Tenor Sax T45 SM511B 235 MEDIUM
  T55 SM512B 250 LONG
  T75 SM513B 265 MEDIUM LONG
  T95 SM514B 296 LONG

2 thoughts on “Jumbo Java by Vandoren

  1. Since writing this I have decided that I really like this mouthpiece. I may even like it a little better than I do the V16. The V16 gives me more of a tradition jazz tenor sound, as in from the era of like Dexter Gordon or Wayne Shorter, Sonny Rollins. I think the Jumbo gives me more a modern tenor sound, whatever that means.


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