Vandoren V16 A9

Small Chamber mouthpiece


So when I bought my new alto sax, I also bought a new Vandoren mouthpiece with it. V16 A9 small chamber. I had bought a V16 T9 for my tenor sax, and I am constantly impressed with the sound I am getting out of my tenor. So, of course, I figured I would be equally as pleased with a Vandoren V16 for my alto. I was not wrong.

Demo of V16 A9 Small Chamber Alto mouthpiece
I have been playing it now for about a week and a half. It is a stunning mouthpiece. I can get dark tones, sub-tones, and I can get hot if I need to. Altissimo notes are right where they need to be. The tone is stable and makes it very easy to play in tune.


I am using  Vandoren Java reeds, 2.5 (green box). I have been using them forever on alto. It is a great combination for a great sound. I have had no issues with supplying enough air to the horn. It is an easy mouthpiece to play.

I never even knew, until recently, that Vandoren made such great mouthpieces. I have seen them around but never heard anybody play one. Then I found out that Kirk Whalum uses the V16 T9 on his tenor. If you don’t know, Kirk Whalum has one of the best tenor sax sounds around; one of the best I have ever heard. The only other tenor sound I really love to hear is Michael Brecker’s sound when he used Dave Guardala mouthpieces.

I have a Guardala which I use on my tenor sax, but it’s not for use in every situation. The Vandoren is much more versatile in my opinion. I am glad to have discovered them. The other thing that is great about Vandoren is the price. They are not very expensive. Not like most saxophone mouthpieces. If you are looking to improve your sound Vandoren is the way to go.

I cannot say enough about this mouthpiece. Affordable, well made, and sounds absolutely incredible. This a great piece of equipment.


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