The Allora Sax

Allora Pro Level Saxophone

allora_tenorI have to admit that I purchased this saxophone because of the price. While playing in the Navy band program I pretty much always play Yamaha Pro horns. I got out in 2007 and had not played since then. I got the new Allora Paris Professional Tenor sax nearly two months ago. Until I got it, all I could do was hope that there was some quality built into the horn.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised. I bought the antique matte finish, rather than the nickel plated or the gold lacquered sax. I like the way the matte finish looks. It has a great tone. It has good intonation. And the more I practice, the more I find out how good this horn plays. As I said, I had not played in about 9 years, so, at first, I wasn’t having much luck hearing what I was hoping for. But I was smart enough to realize that it was probably me.

The more I play this saxophone the better I find it responding, sounding, and in general just feels good. It is actually a great horn at an incredibly great price! It is so good that I intend to also purchase the Allora Paris Series Alto and Soprano Saxophones.

screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-10-48-47-pmI am currently using the Vandoren V16-T9 mouthpiece and also Vandoren Java Reeds 2-1/2. It has proven to be a great set up for this horn. I have also used the Brecker II Gaurdala mouthpiece with it and found it to produce a great sound as well.

If you are in the market for a new sax, I highly recommend the Allora Paris Series Professional Saxophones.


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