Update On Vince Broomfield

A few days back I got a message from Vince Broomfield about his progress.

849926016784-170x170-75Hey Tony!! This is Vince Broomfield, I just wanted you to know that I released my Smooth Jazz cd and the song you liked FOR YOUR LOVE was #1 on one of AFRICAS big radio stations for 9 weeks in a row!!! I thought you would like to know that!! I never forgot that nice article you wrote on me, I thank you so much for that my brother!! GOD BLESS!!

If you haven’t seen it already click on the link above. You will also get to hear Vince through his ReverbNation link to the right of the page. I’m sure you will agree the Vince is a fabulous sax player. Let him know by going to his ReverbNation page and becoming a fan. Better yet, go to iTunes and purchase his album for yourself. It is called, So Incredible.


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