Check Out Vince Broomfield!

If you love the saxophone you have got to check Vince Broomfield. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite players. He reminds me of one of my favorite players growing up, Kirk Whalum.

My man has an absolutely fabulous phat alto sound. His music full of the soul you would expect from musician of his caliber. He was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and has been playing with bands since he was 15. Vince was the saxophonist on the 1990’s Miami based TV talk show Miami Tonight, KENDALL TOYOTA SHOW, on which he performed live with the likes of Melba Moore, Auturo Sandoval, and Tito Puente.

Vince Broomfield also plays keyboards and is a singer/songwriter, and producer. In other words he is a well rounded musician. To the upper right of this page you can click and listen to some of Vince’s latest cuts. My favorite is “For Your Love.” It is this cut that reminds me of Kirk Whalum. In my opinion there are not many players who can capture this essence of soul the way Kirk does. Vince does it with ease.

Vince is a master sax player. The featured music would be classified as “Smooth Jazz” but, I promise you that Vince Bloomfield is much more than a smooth Jazz player. By that, I mean some smooth jazz is filled with “fluff.” It’s boring.  As a  musician myself I lean toward musicians who can really blow. A lot of times you don’t get that in “smooth jazz.”  I can promise you, Vince is a player! From ballads to funk to ripping latin rhythms, his arsenal of musical ideas seems endless.

If you love jazz, the saxophone, and music that moves you I recommend Vince Bloomfield.

One more song to mention – Let Me Sax You Up. All I can say is, DAMN! Way  to lay it down, Vince!

Without a doubt you will enjoy his music as much as I have. Vince, I wish you all the best.


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