Mouthpiece Comparisons

Lullaby of Birdland For this comparison video, you have to put up with my playing. Sorry. I am most satisfied with the alto sax mouthpiece by Vandoren. I purchased the V16 A9, a small chamber mouthpiece. I think it gives me a wide-open, big sound on alto. It sounds pure and clean and perfect for … Continue reading Mouthpiece Comparisons

Rico Royal Metalite Tenor Mouthpiece

Metalite Mouthpiece from Tony Tate on Vimeo. Another mouthpiece I got in the mail was the Rico Royal Metalite. As you can hear, the sound is pretty good. However, for me at least, this mouthpiece was making me work very hard. The tip opening was pretty wide, and, the baffle inside this mouthpiece offers some … Continue reading Rico Royal Metalite Tenor Mouthpiece