SISU Mouthpiece Guard?

Saxophone players and maybe clarinet players sometimes have an issue with ruining mouthpieces, by cutting through the top, as the teeth place pressure on the top. As you play the instrument the teeth are scratching, grinding, and cutting their way into the mouthpiece. In some cases causing enough damage to have to replace the mouthpiece, or, have it repaired.

I have used mouthpiece patches, an adhesive pad which is placed on top of the mouthpiece to guard against tooth damage. However, I find that they only last a few days. And I don’t like the little bits of rubber that get in my mouth as the pad breaks down.

I found a solution in something that athletes wear. It is called SISU Mouth Guard. It is a customizable tooth guard to protect the teeth during sports. I’ve found that they can be used as protection for my mouthpieces as well. By wearing this mouthguard I am able to protect my mouthpieces without getting rubber bits under my tongue and in my teeth.

The SISU Mouth Guard last an extremely long time, especially when you compare it with the rubber mouthpiece guards that you buy at the music store.

SISU is made of a material that becomes pliable when dropped into hot water. Once you fit them to your teeth the material hardens again, forming a custom fit to your teeth. The material is durable and long-lasting, thus saving you money on mouthpiece guards.

This is definitely something woodwind players should explore. You won’t be disappointed.


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